Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Daily Report: A Quotidien of Lifelong Learning

I always spend the first hour of my day doing the same thing: Hitting the snooze button on my alarm. I enjoy the mental jumble of hypnogogic/hypnopompic imagery as dreams and reality collide. It's like channel surfing of dreams; a last-minute oneiric dash through whatever my mind can dredge up. I yo-yo up and down from REM to lucidity, with my mind laughing like it's a carnival ride.

My next hour is always spent anchored firmly in reality: Reading the news and politics and issues of the day just ending on the other side of the world. Coffee close at hand.

After that comes an hour of learning and study: Any questions I asked myself the day before but could not answer, I study; any subjects of interest that I've been following or have learned about on TV, I read further. Second cup of coffee.

Then, I write in my blog... if I have something to write.

After that, I work. I keep a window open on my desktop next to my work software in which I list new words I have learned and their definitions, which I glance at in the moments between jobs. (There are almost 2,000 words on that list now.)

During lunch (something skillfully cooked by Chef Ednel), I usually do some reading: some of the longer articles I didn't have the time for earlier in the day, or occasionally a book. I write responses to e-mails I had read upon waking, after taking the morning to formulate answers. Other times, I go downstairs and spend time with my wife and family.

In the evening, after a walk, I turn on the television and watch The History Channel, or one of the Discovery channels. I play with Tyson a bit... try to train him, although he isn't as interested in learning as his teacher.

Then, I go to bed, and read a bit or play a video game before going to sleep.

So, to answer my mother's inveterate tag line: That's what happening in my neck of the woods.


Mom said...

Your day seems productive. Glad to hear what's happenin' in your neck o' the woods!

Karl said...

hmmm, that sounds like the daily routine of a bachelor. Are you sure you didn't leave some things out here ? It sounds as if you're not spending as much time with your wife as one would expect after 2 years of marriage.
Whatever, you've got a fan of your blogging here, I'm checking this site everyday and if there is one thing that I don't like it's the days without news from the jungle.

Jungle Jil said...


Hmm... I guess you could look at it that way. But Epril pops into my day all the time, sometimes only for a few minutes. We do go for walks together. Sometimes we watch TV together. We certainly end up in bed together at the end of each day! :-)