Thursday, August 5, 2010

Daily Report: Better Eating, Less Drinking

Work was okay today. We had a big rain storm that knocked out the power for a while.

Chef Ednel made something brilliant for dinner today: She took some cream dory fish chunks, wrapped them in rice paper like egg rolls and fried them, then put them in a casserole dish and covered them with a white mushroom sauce. Oh so good.

I'm going to cut down on my alcohol drinking. My problem is that I am always thirsty. I take in at least 2 liters of liquid per day, probably 3. However, I don't like to take in caffeine after 6 p.m., or much sugar. I simply don't like drinking water... never have in my life. So I drink beer, or sometimes martinis or vodka tonics.

But drinking 5 or 6 drinks per evening (as I have for the last 10 years) is a little much. I really should cut back.

I think I'll switch to iced tea. It has the fewest calories and sugar, and the caffeine isn't so strong that I can't get to sleep.


wbilancio said...

Don't just drink Iced Tea, drinking to much can cause kidney stones. It happened to my neighbor 2 times.

Jungle Jil said...

Ah. Good to know. Thanks.

Don B said...

if you're going to drink tea, drink diluted green tea with a dash of fresh lemon juice and a small squirt of honey. it's the bomb, and between the green tea, lemon juice and honey it has a plethora of just damn good stuff for your body not the least of which is basically just a damn good glass of naturally flavored water. and if you make the tea stronger, you can mix it with vodka and it makes a super drink!

and yes the other commenter was right, too much tea (esp. strong tea) is not good. it doesn't actually cause kidney stones, it causes dehydration which in turn causes kidney stones. that's why weak tea is so much better. i drink it all the time. in the phils, you could make some mean green sun tea concentrate and then dilute it as needed for everyday use, and save the concentrate for a tasty "ice pick".

Don B said...

and hey jil, you have been seriously slacking in your most important task of all lately! more beauty contest pics please!

Jungle Jil said...


Thanks for the information on good tea. Unfortunately, here in Jasaan, my choice is Lipton powdered or nothing. Honey does not exist. Lemons do not exist... although the Lipton tea has a bit of lemon flavoring in it.

As for the regularly-scheduled beauty contests, I'm afraid there probably won't be any more. The person who put on the beauty contests borrowed a bunch of money (including 2,000 pisos from me) from the regular sponsors (and even some of the contestants) that was never paid back, and now I doubt that further funding for such pageants will be forthcoming.

But really, they were always just the same crew of girls at every show. But, I'm sure there will be other beauty contests which I attend and I'll make sure to take photos.

Don B said...

Wow I was kind of wondering what the real draw and monetary logic was for the contests. Obviously the economics didn't work that well. lol. Damn what is a bored American to do?

God I could totally set you guys up, but you can't send food in the balikbayans. If you could we would have a great business. I could send you costco sized jars of honey, tea, pickles for $50 and you could resell them to the expats. I have lots of filipinos here that I could use for my "baliks". You could run your own import store there for expats.

Don B said...

"But really, they were always just the same crew of girls at every show."

You had to go and ruin it for me, lol. Like it mattered. It was the grand festivity of it and your witty comments that mattered. Every one was a new adventure for me! :)

Don B said...

Here's something you might enjoy. Like I always say if it's made by Coke, Hostess, or Little Debbie, you can assume it's flavored poison. This country is raising a generation of corn syrup addicts.

Jungle Jil said...

Don @ 10:15: It's not really worth it. Lots of people already bring back "orders" with them when they travel from the U.S. to The Philippines, while many people pick up things in Manila that are not available here.

Don @ 10:17: The pageants were fun for a while, but they didn't change or improve... if anything, they contually went downhill. There are constantly other fun things on which I will be commenting... though wittiness cannot be assured.

Don @ 10:34: American companies are particularly bad about coming up with creative ways to shovel carbohydrates and fat into people while making them feel good about themselves.

ron said...

What honey doesn't exist??? You can buy locally produced bee honey (from Natubo / Danao). Sometimes not pure, but deluted with water and sugar. But when you have contacts: 100% honey for P80 - P100.

And why not use calamansi in stead of lemon. Calamansi juice helps even against kidney stones / problems.

To cut down on sugar and drinking iced tea from the sachet? Just add a little less water and see what is left behind in the glass: a lot of sugar, to much to be absorbed...

Jungle Jil said...

The honey isn't sold in Jasaan. That's what I meant. We buy most of our beverages locally.

Calamansi... just total dislike for me. It's like a lime... only more bitter, sour, and acidic.