Saturday, July 3, 2010

Why Northern Mindanao Is A Great Place To Live

Hat tip to Dew on the Expats CDO Yahoo Group for linking to this image below:

I've mentioned it before, but here is statistical and visual evidence for my claim: If you are going to move to The Philippines, there is a good chance that at some point you, your house, and your loved ones will get smacked well and good by a typhoon. It's not a joke: People die here every year in the monstrous storms that are born Southeast of the country and descend with regularity upon this archipelago.

Except for Northern Mindanao, where I live.

Look at the picture below, tracking the path of every typhoon to have hit the Philippines since 1947. The state of Misamis Oriental is placed out of the way of the normal path of the storms, with large clusters of mountains to the East and South that deflect any typhoons that come in our way in an anywhere-but-here direction.

If you're going to live in The Philippines, as far as the avoidance of typhoons goes, this is the one single best place to settle.


don b said...

but it's like there were two retarded typhoons that didn't know the deal on mindanao being off limits. they just kind of moseyed right on over the middle of the island like it was not there. god love mother nature. lol

Jungle Jil said...

Absolutely. I was thinking the same thing.

J Cook said...

Hi Jil, Was wondering how your chicken farm was going? I've haven't heard you mention it for a while now!!! I like your site and just reading it, I kind of feel part of your family. My wife is from Butuan, and we were there this past Febuary. Anyway I enjoy reading what you have to say and keep up the good word,JC

Jungle Jil said...

Hi JC,

The chicken farm is on hold for now, mostly because of funding. While I was able to find some financiers, most of them wanted too large a share of the profits to make it worthwhile to include them in a long-term business plan. Then, when I just offered to triple their money in three years, they all lost interest.

Hopefully next year I'll be doing a little mini-project and we'll see what comes from that.