Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Please Bear With Us

I don't know why, but I always try to put up posts in chronological order. I wanted to put up a Daily Report on my day last Saturday (hanging out with friends at the pool, going in to CDO for the evening), but the USB port on our laptop has broken and I can't download the photos from the camera to the laptop, and then get them on my blog.

So I'm waiting to put up posts until I can post about last Saturday. I know... silly.

Well, the laptop is being repaired and should be ready in a day or two. Then I'll have the photos from last Saturday up. I'll probably just post a reminder in some future post that the former post has been put up. How does that sound? It sounds more sensible than having a logjam of things to put up, I think.


Mom said...

I was wondering why we hadn't had a post from you in a while. You explained it in a nutshell. You're a chip off the old block. Things have an order, and that is what needs to be done. If its not completed in the right order, then all heck will break loose.
No need to publish this to the comments area. Just thought I'd put my two cents worth in.

Jungle Jil said...

All friendly and fun comments are posted! I love me my comments... and want to share most of them.

don b said...

if things aren't posted in order, the frickin' universe will get all out of order and the damn thing might implode or sumthin'. we can't have that kinda universal disorder. being german i can certainly understand that!