Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Best Buy Suspends Employee For Funny Video

... and it is funny.

This new viral video tearing up YouTube is essentially a fanciful conversation between a phone salesman and a customer using a text-to-speech program. It rather aptly illustrates some people's obessional desire to own a product based on nothing more than their hidebound notions of what is best.

When Best Buy (who, importantly, is not mentioned in any way in the video) found out that the person who made the video was one of their employees, they insisted he delete the video. (You can't do that!) When the video's creater refused to remove it, they suspended him. (You can't do that!)

So, now it is my duty to make sure that not only does this funny little video get just a little bit of extra exposure, but also to make sure to hang it around Best Buy's neck like a big fuck-off block of cement in the process.


Anonymous said...

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Jungle Jil said...

Interesting thought, but I don't think so: The water pipe leads to a spigot at the top of the rooftop cistern from which pours the water into the bottom. In other words, there is no physical connection between the water flowing into and the water already in the cistern.

Anonymous said...

god that video was funny. i actually work for a company that sells sprint/clear 4g. those stupid iphone people are going to hate life for the next year until att comes out with wimax. the evo rocks. yes early versions had some glitches. the latest models rock.

i still hear people saying att uverse sux. christ it's been stable for at least a year. the iphone people are crazy!!!!!!!!