Monday, June 21, 2010

I Wonder How Long Blu-Ray and 1080 Will Last

I was pondering this today: There are already computer monitors out there that put out more than 2000 horizontal lines of resolution, and there are already home projectors on the market that do the same. In your home in the distant future (or as close as your local cinema today), there are movies playing at 4000 lines of resolution.

So, knowing that 2000 lines can be done today, how long before we start seeing a push for that resolution?

I say this because I was watching the U.S. Open at 720 lines on my 60-inch television last night. With my 20/20 vision, I can see a huge difference between a 720-line broadcast and a 1080-line broadcast. When the 100-inch-plus televisions start becoming popular in the next 5-8 years (and don't tell me they won't; we all know better) a crystal clear 1080-line picture that is spread over 4 times as much screen real estate is going to start looking even fuzzier than the 720-line picture on a 60-inch screen. (And don't tell me we won't be sitting as close; we all know better.)

Since the only ways that the television companies make money is to sell televisions, they have to keep coming up with new reasons to buy televisions: New features, new technologies, and (most importantly) bigger numbers... bigger screens, bigger resolutions.

I give 1080-line pictures until about the year 2025 before they go to the 2K format. For Blu-Ray, I give the format a much longer shelf life, since it already has enough space on it to hold a 2K movie. You can expect the Blu-Ray storage medium to last for another 15 years beyond that, I think.

Well, I'm just pondering on my lunch break. Back to work I go.

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