Sunday, June 27, 2010

Daily Report: Wins and Losses

I've been oversleeping while Epril is on vacation. She's usually my alarm clock, waking up before me, tweeking my nose and giggling and tickling me, and then once I get up, she goes back to sleep.

I got a bit of work done before the pay period ended at noontime. Maggie and Jumz, our landlords, stopped by today. They are going to be fixing up the house, and I showed them through the house and everything that needs repairs: Mostly the water system, and window latches and doorknobs. I'm glad that those things are finally going to get fixed.

Then I had a bit of lunch, and looked at some bar-be-que sites online. I've decided to try to build a smoker (actually, to hire someone to weld one together) and make bar-be-que. It should be fun, and I really do miss Bob's ribs from Pattaya, which I am going to try to duplicate. (Bob has been giving me some tips via e-mail in addition to what I've been able to learn online.)

In the afternoon, I did an additional hour of work — rare for a Sunday afternoon. Then I took Tyson for a walk... which I've been neglecting to do lately.

In the evening, I video chatted with Epril in Leyte. All the sisters-in-law joined in: They got to see their grandmother (on their father's side) for the first time in almost 15 years, and vice versa. (Epril told me apparently while we were chatting there was some drunk Australian guy wandering around confused outside the internet café she was chatting in... quite a way out into the jungle, so a bit odd. She didn't talk to him.)

After that, I watched a bunch of History Channel porn: A two hour special documentary on The Black Death, and then a one hour documentary on the archaeological record of Stonehenge. That's viewing heaven.

Then, at 10:00, I went over to Steve's house and watched England get crushed by Germany in the World Cup. Drank too much beer too. Hic.


wbilancio said...

Check out the BBQ Brethren site at:

It's one of the best BBQ forums and has a lot of good information about building a smoker as well as making great BBQ.

Mom said...

Sounds like you're keeping busy while Epril is gone. Good. How nice she got to visit with her relatives that she hasn't seen in a while.