Thursday, June 3, 2010

Daily Report: Pool Party, Birthday Party

Birthday girl Charity.
Today it was off to the other new pool resort in Jasaan, Spring View, for the birthday of Epril's friend Charity. (Charity is Rent-A-Baby's mother.) Roger and Arlene were there as well as Gloria Edwards and her little boy. All of Epril's family was there too.

I spent the morning working, and then joined up with the party at 3:00. There was the standard party fare of pancit, grilled fish, rice, and big glass bottles of coca cola.

The new pool resort was incredibly crowded. I don't care for this one much either. The water doesn't come from the big aquifer, and instead comes from a well. The water isn't very clean... especially with 200 kids in it. But, it is located right on the highway and does seem pretty popular. Mayor Jardin was there for a while and stopped by to say hello. I stuck around until sundown and then headed home.

Ednel cooked French Toast again. I'm just in a French Toast mood lately. I could eat half a loaf of sliced bread... soaked in egg with sugar, vanilla, cinnamon, and nutmeg, then grilled on a skillet.

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