Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Daily Report: Party, Pooh, and Pageant

The power was out again, the first time in a week. The rain is starting to come more regularly now, meaning that the hydroelectric power will probably be back up to full capacity soon. Unfortunately, my generator wouldn't work: a morning of work was lost. The repair man will be here tomorrow. I suspect, with the sputtering and stalling that there is a problem with the spark plug or ignition.

In the evening, Epril, Susan, and little Doreen joined the Clines, the Honeycutts, and Winnie The Pooh at little Danny Hughes' birthday party. They had a great time. Meanwhile, I was out to dinner with Mike and Warren (and Jen) at Basamanggas Resort for dinner. (Dinner was very good, if pricey.)

After dinner, we all went back to my place for some beers on the front porch, and then off to Barangay San Antonio where I had gotten Warren and Mike spots on the judging panel for the barangay's bikini open beauty pageant.

Lots of awards to hand out.
There were only 8 contestants tonight, and lots of familiar faces. I didn't mind giving up my seat on the panel of judges... and still got to hand out some awards due to my sponsorship.

After the pageant was over, on a lark, I invited all the beauty queens to go out with us, and they agreed. I'm sure you won't blame me if, as a guy, I puff out my chest and say that I took 8 beauty queens out partying tonight, right? So all of us went to Glitz, Ron's bar in Jasaan, and had food and drinks, and hung around until about 1 in the morning.

Epril made friends with some of the girls in the pageant, and once again I'm thinking about putting up some "personal ads" on my blog for beauty queens who would like to meet some nice guys. We'll see if it leads anywhere this time.


Anonymous said...

Who's the one in the blue dress? And is she available?

Jungle Jil said...

No, that's Warren's wife, Jen. However, I am happy to say that the beauty queen she is standing with is currently looking for Mr. Right.

Anonymous said...

The beauty queen looks very tall, or it may be just the angle of the shot.

What about the one in the black blouse in the background in the second picture? She doesn't appear to be one of the contestants.

Do you have a picture of all the contestants?

Jungle Jil said...

I have pictures of all the contestants, but didn't bother to put them up. You can search my blog for "pageant" and it should show you all the contestants from other times I've been to these shows... they are all the same girls.

Anonymous said...

checked out the pages. life must be boring if these same girls are entering pageants. but i do envy you having to put up with the judging...LOL. take care and peace!!!

Issarat said...

I would like see a pageant in real. Send me an email sometime ok?