Sunday, June 6, 2010

Daily Report: Chili and Swimming

I had a good morning of work today. Being Sunday, my putative day off, I quit at noontime.

I walked with Ednel and Tatay down to the market and bought the ingredients to make chili. (I've never made chili before.) Originally, I had hoped that neighbor Steve was going to help us make the chili with his recipe, but he wouldn't be around until late in the afternoon. Since I was hungry, I decided to go it alone.

Before leaving the house, I checked a couple of recipes on the internet and saw one that used barbeque sauce instead of tomato sauce. So that was the kernel idea for my own recipe-to-be (see the next post below).

Anyway, my first (and Ednel's first) attempt at making chili was hugely successful.

After that, Epril, Susan, Ednel, myself, and Tyson (and Rent-A-Baby, kidnapped along the way) all went down to the river and found our own little slice of riparian heaven in the early evening sunshine. The water was a perfect temperature. The nearby karaoke machine occasionally shut the hell up; or, just as good, played Beatles music while waiting for more vocal abuse from its clientele.

Yet another panaroma video of dusk at the river. Tyson almost got his skull caved in when a cow he was attempting to make friends with tried to kick him... caught that on video. Tyson pretty much stayed away from the cow after that.

Then, it was back home for beers with Epril's friends in the rooftop garden. After that, I watched on HBO HD "Batman, The Dark Knight" for what is perhaps the 10th or 11th time for me. (That really is one of my favorite movies of all time.) Then off to bed to read my book.

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Stay well and safe tyson!

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