Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Election Party

The silence... lack of election trucks driving around blasting music... of the last week has been replaced today by a loud and boisterous recrudescence of activities. I'm having a tough time hearing my work because there are 3 or 4 vans within earshot playing music.

A helicopter has just flown low overhead delivering (apparently) the son of one of the Presidential candidates to deliver a speech in support of his party's mayoral candidate at The Big Vagina. (You know, I genuinely thought Jasaan would have gotten at least a whistle stop by at least one of the four major candidates for President... apparently not.)

By the way, I need to get Epril a ride in a helicopter. She has skipped the big political rally so that she can go look at the helicopter parked on the plaza in front of the church. She has a completely boyish obsession with the machines.

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