Thursday, May 20, 2010

Daily Report: Wedding

Today was a beautiful day. I was up early to get some work done. Then at 10:00 it was off to city hall to watch Pat O'Brien marry his fianceé, Ivy.

Funny story: Ivy and Pat met when Pat was out for a walk in the hills around Jasaan, and stopped to help Ivy's family dig a ditch they were working on. Most guys would settle for a glass of iced tea... Pat got Ivy! A pretty good deal if you ask me. Ivy is a very nice girl, and (as with everybody in Jasaan) her family is friends with my wife's family.

The reception was a small affair held at the Garden Café in downtown Jasaan. After that, we all went up to Kahologan Pool Resort and drank until late in the evening. Pat and I had a great time talking about politics and Ireland.

1 comment:

Karl said...

As nice as the lower wedding pic is the photographer made the classical mistake not to observe the background. And so the bride has some strange wings growing out of her head. Hmmmm, an angel maybe...
Good luck anyway