Sunday, May 30, 2010

Daily Report: Sunday Beach Day

Today, Epril, Susan, Ednel, and I were joined by a very happy Tyson at Liang Beach just to the north of Jasaan. We spent a lovely afternoon there playing in the water.

Tyson is really learning to love the water. He swims out, gets a leaf floating on the water, brings it back to shore and kills it, and then goes out for another. Unfortunately I think he drank too much salt water which gave him diarrhea.

Roger Bleecker from Seattle was also there at the beach with his wife Arlene. He's a nice guy and I enjoyed chatting with him for a while. He told me that some of the beach glass that he was picking up (shards of glass bottles that have been buffeted by sand and become opaque) can be worth lots and lots of money... hundreds of dollars for particularly special colors. That's quite a surprise: My mother's parents used to live by the Long Island Sound, and on their beach the sea glass was almost as common as the shells themselves. We used to toss the sea glass away in favor of shiny shells when we were kids.

Anyway, it was a spectacular day and everything was vibrant. The water was very clear.

Ednel, Susan, and Rent-A-Baby sent text messages.
Tyson ate and ate and ate, and still wanted more.

And Epril just sat around thinking 'bout stuff.

At the end of the afternoon, I was all worn out. I went home and watched a bit of television and had some dinner (leftover chicken soup that I had made yesterday), and then went up to bed and read my book, "London" by Edward Rutherfurd, until I went to sleep.


Mom said...

So - what's the plot about in "London"?
Great pics of the beach. Water looks very inviting.

Jungle Jil said...

"London", like "Sarum" and "The Forest" before it (and "Moscow" and "New York" after it) is a historical novel about a place, told through stories of families, descended through the ages who lived there, who sometime are taking part in historical events, and sometimes just living lives typical of the age to give you a better idea of what life was like.

So far, "London" had first a story about the fishing families living on the South bank of The Thames across from the twin hills of Londinos before the Romans arrived; the story of 2 currency counterfeiters in the Roman town of Londinium; the story of 2 slaves in the 6th century settlement of Lundenwic; the story of two London merchants at the time of William The Conqueror's invasion; and the story of a convicted criminal doing forced labor on the tower of London. (I'm only about a quarter of the way through the book so far.)