Saturday, May 8, 2010

Daily Report: Durance

It actually was up and running before it died — my computer. Sometimes it just ran so slow that a reboot was in order. So today at about 9 a.m. after shutting down and restarting, there was the empty screen... then the Dell splash screen... then the company's disk security login screen... then the Windows splash screen... then back to the Dell splash screen again... no more Windows. Four times in a row... "Last known hardware configuration": No. Safe mode: No. Windows from command prompt: No.

An hour-long call with the help desk was really nothing more than a post mortem. I might try to take the computer to a local repair shop to see what can be done for it. Theoretically, the computer still lives; only Windows is gone. But my company has decreed a new computer, and a new computer I shall have. (And that's a good thing: I've been begging for a new computer for almost 2 years now.) Regardless, repairs will not help: It would be malapropos and confusing to the hidebound corporate system to start working again with a revenant computer... especially when home-based repairs on corporate equipment are strongly discouraged.

Tikay's egg cheesburgers... 20 pisos

Baby Nathan carries around a
plastic stool.

The nearby schoolyard is a
pleasant place to go.
So, as promised in the post below, my day involved a couple of sallies out of the house against the scourge of acedia: First Tyson and I went for a romp on the nearby school grounds (Tyson learned how to go up and down the slide on the playground), then Epril and I picked up Rent-A-Baby for a wander down to Kimaya to visit Susan who was doing some campaign work. Then, a visit to Tikay's restaurant for burgers. (Six cheeseburgers and four sodas for 152 pisos... $3.35.) Finally, in the evening it was off to a party at one of the pool resorts that was operating on a 4-hour version of Filipino time... a 7 p.m. party that wouldn't start until 11. (We obviously didn't stay to wait.)

My mom called tonight to make sure Epril and I are okay... to see if we needed any help. That was much appreciated. I should make more efforts to chat with my family. We all have blogs now that we use as our primary method to keep in touch... a new digital age method of passive communication. Our knowledge of what we're all up to has never been better, thank you, but the immediacy of conversation is completely gone.

Anyway, so begins the durance of waiting for a new computer. No worries at the moment.

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Mike said...

Those burgers look good .. ill have to remember to get off the bus in Jaasan next time i pass through on my way to CDO.