Friday, May 14, 2010

Daily Report: Beach, Bistro, and Beer

More photos and videos, less prose today. (Accidental assonance apologies.)

Today was Warren Merideth's son's 4th birthday party. His name is Maxey. We all went to Roan Beach Resort.

Family was there, as well as a clown/magician.

After that, we all went down to the surf and enjoyed an afternoon swim (and photo op).

Then, it was back to Warren's house to get changed, and then we went out to dinner at the new Thai restaurant in town, called Siam (located where Town Restaurant used to be, at Limketkai). The food was very good, and cheap too.

(As Stan would say: "Hi from all of us!")

Finally, it was off to an Eagles meeting. Epril and I arrived late... after all the reading of treasurers' reports and passing of motions and speaking of long speeches had finished, and the beer was being served and everybody was having a good time singing karaoke. Oh oopsies. How did that happen?

Then it was home with Driver Chris at about midnight.


Mom said...

Oh, Boy! Those Satays looked delicious! We'll have to make them soon. . .Always brings back good memories!

Anonymous said...

Nice pic of the 4 ladies on the beach. Is Susan the one in the stiped bikini?

Jungle Jil said...


No: Those are 3 sisters. I actually cannot remember the name of the girl on the left, but to the right is Epril, Jen, and Bing.