Thursday, April 15, 2010

A Tidbit Of Customary Filipino Process

Posted via Mr. Kline on the Yahoo CDO Expat's Group: appreciated and worthy of republication (without permission) in full here:
Yesterday, my wife (Daisy Cline) as president of ELCI [Expats Ladies Charity, Incorporated], along with a companion, proceeded to the BIR [Bureau of Internal Revenue... the tax office] to file the necessary papers for the group's non-profit, charitable status regarding taxation and revenue.

The short version of that encounter follows:

After submitting the proper paperwork, the BIR staff asked for a 5,000 piso "voluntary" contribution. Daisy informed them that ELCI did not have 5,000 extra pisos lying around and that she would just pay 100 pisos.

[BIR] Staff mini-conference: BIR then asks for additional paperwork. So Daisy returns home, rummages through the files, makes copies (on the donated printer) and returns to BIR.

[BIR] Staff mini-conference: BIR smiley face then asks for 1,000 piso "voluntary" contribution. Daisy then proceeds to ask them why they are hassling her when ELCI is just a bunch of expat wives doing charity work for the poor of the Philippines because she (Daisy) has no trust in the Philippine gov do help the poor.

[BIR] Staff mini-conference: BIR smiley face returns and asks for 1,000 piso "voluntary" donation upon which Daisy repeats that she will pay 100 peso. BIR: "Madame, that's not even enough to pay for the filing fee."

Daisy then proceeds to pull digital camera out of her purse to snap BIR smiley faces.

BIR has another mini-conference: Madame, that will be 100 peso, please.

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Anonymous said...

Hahaha! Man that is a great story, and good for her sticking to her guns. If a farang did it they probably would end up in jail haha!

from Jakal