Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Daily Report: Political Dancing

Nothing much was going on today... other than rain. Epril was in CDO again with her father, getting his new watch resized and dropping off the PlayStation 3 with somebody who hopefully can repair the Yellow Light of Death.

Oh: Chicken Tonight for lunch equals happy tummy.

I downloaded a copy of Google SketchUp, a free CAD software that is amazingly simple to use. I loaded it, worked through a couple of in-software tutorials, and in 15 minutes was having fun. (I would say that compares rather favorably with the AutoCAD of 10 or 15 years ago, in which the equivalent of a college degree of study was needed to use the software.)

Anyway, I spent the evening entertaining myself by recreating in the software a replica of Palazzo Te in Northern Italy, a fantastic example of Medieval Roman Renaissance Architecture. It will be called Palazzo J when it is finished, naturally.

Meanwhile, the rest of the family went to a political rally down in Kimaya. Kid Sister Ednel and her dance troupe was the opening act for her cousin's campaign rally. As I stated before, I'm staying away from politics here — showing open support for any candidate — because, (a) as a foreigner, any show of support would be more remarkable and memorable than that of an average Filipino, (b) my support might not be welcome by a candidate and his supporters, and most certainly would not be appreciated by the opposition and his supporters, (c) I really have no idea who the best candidate is anyway, and (d) I certainly don't want my support for the "wrong" candidate to come back to bite me when I have business or social dealings with the "right" candidate in the future.

Or, laconically: Not my business.

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