Friday, April 9, 2010

Daily Report: Baptisms

Today, it was up the mountain again to watch Bruce and his baby son Robert join the Catholic Church via baptism. Mike and Emelyn Bird were there as well. Epril and I also had the honor to stand as Godparents for little Robert. After that, it was down to a beachside party for Robert and Bruce. Unfortunately, the whole shindig was on Filipino Time, so what should have only taken a little while had me missing the entire morning of work.

But, it was a very pleasant time.

Oh. I figured out why the blender was broken: When we cleaned the blender, we took apart the bottom part of the pitcher, which included the spinny blade thing, the bottom screw-on part, and a thick rubber gasket. When we put the pitcher back together, the rubber gasket was put below the spinny blade thing and above the bottom screw-on part, instead of above the spinny blade thing and below the bottom rim of the pitcher. That gasket was holding the spinny blade thing too high to come in contact with the spinny knob thing on the blender. Now it's all fixed and strawberry margaritas are back on the menu.


Tom N said...

Do you see very many expats convert to Catholicism?

Jungle Jil said...


No actually. Bruce converted to Catholicism primarily because he said that if he did, the adoption of his stepdaughter would be fait accompli and therefore, her American citizenship would be much easier to attain.