Sunday, April 4, 2010

Daily Report: 30 Pictures (and Videos) For The Day

Sorry. My internet has been down 2 days — more on that in a later post — so I'm doing a bit of retroactive blogging. (It's Tuesday, but here at Jungle Jil it is still Sunday... admire my god-like power over time and space!)

Anyway, this Easter Sunday Epril and I met up with Bruce and Victoria from Texas, who are spending some time here in Jasaan getting their son baptized. We went with them way up into the mountains for a visit to the chapel where the baptism would be taking place next week. Nice folks. Then it was down to the river for a swim. Finally, it was off to Annabelle Bird's first birthday party.

(Corny video warning: dancing baby... content may not be safe for viewing by cool people.)

It's days like this I remind myself how lucky I am to be living in an issue of National Geographic. Good friends, good family, good life, good times.

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Issarat said...

It looks wonderful!