Wednesday, March 24, 2010

How Beautiful Is My Wife?

Which of these Filipina ladies isn't Miss Universe 1999? Well, if you can't figure it out, I sure ain't telling.


Anonymous said...

One way to earn browie points....hope she reads your blog and you get your reward.


kris said...

Actually I think Epril's WAY prettier than Miss Universe 1999 (a Miss Universe who looks, to be totally honest, a little katoey to me).

Jungle Jil said...

Oh thanks Kris. I'm saying Epril looks like Miss Universe, and you're saying that Miss Universe looks like a kathoey. Look up "syllogism" please.

kris said...

Ah, Jil, certainly not meant that way it may have sounded.

We probably have different opinions on this but all I was trying to say was I think your wife (luckily) does NOT looks ANYTHING like the woman next to her in the picture who, to me, looks like a katoy, I cannot help it.

(and whoops, only now I noticed the text "the sisters" you put on that picture, hadn't seen that before, well, you should remove that text as it's certainly not that way)

Jungle Jil said...

Actually, I didn't make the picture. That was done by yet another admirer of Epril's beauty.