Friday, March 5, 2010

Daily Report: Fun Guys

This evening, Epril and I rode into town (with J'Neth and Genelyn, who had come out to visit) for a night on the town. First stop was Warren and Jen's house, where we had some snacks, the girls played with the kids while Warren and I looked at price lists for barn construction materials.

After that, it was off to Spooks where Elmer The Mammasan, was having her birthday party in the upstairs section. It was mostly a family affair, with lots of kids and grandparents and stuff. Warren and I mostly hung out on the pool table. There were only 3 or 4 other expatriates there.

Below, Epril with birthday girl Elmer.

After that, Warren and I, Jen and Epril, went over to first Lexi's Bar and then Star Entertainment to party with 4 or 5 new guys in town from Australia. They are the kind of guys for whom partying is a sport; the kind of guys with whom, if you weren't in a bar getting drunk with them, you'd think how crazy fun it would be to go to a bar and get drunk with them. I laughed and grinned for so long that my face started to hurt. There were 12 guys and our respective girlfriends, and we cut quite a large swath through CDO's entertainment district.


Back in Jasaan, the power was out again tonight. The pizza restaurant hasn't exactly become the focal point in the darkness... yet. We passed out some flyers the other day, and probably word will spread. We did have one bonus though: Drew from Connecticut came to the restaurant tonight, and he is another fun guy. Although Epril and I weren't there, he spent the evening drinking, eating, dancing (by himself or with the kids) and drawing a bit of a crowd and creating a fun spot. I owe him a pizza for that.

Anyway, it was a ride back to Jasaan with Driver Chris at almost 1 a.m. tonight. We stopped at McDonalds and (as I usually do after 15 or 16 beers) completed the utter toxification of my mind and body with a couple of Big Macs.

Epril had a good night... and was happy. (Well, okay... just an excuse to put up a pretty photo of my beautiful wife. Hope you don't mind.)

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Tom N said...

Uh, Jil, anytime you feel the need to put up a picture of Epril, I'm good. :)

Lucky, lucky man!