Sunday, February 7, 2010

Do You Want To Be Scared? She Might Win.

This is a photograph of putative presidential candidate Sarah Palin's hand at a question and answer session last night.

Budget Cuts
Lift American

We apparently are seeing a presidential candidate who cannot remember even the most simple talking points of her own political worldview. I mean, if upon her hand was written something like "Mayor So-and-so" of the town in which she was talking, or "Mr. Whatshisname" who is sponsoring the event, I wouldn't be surprised... fair enough. But she can't remember "Energy, budget cuts, taxes, and lift American spirits" without palm notes? Hoe. Lee. Shit.

Even if you didn't know all of the other crazy things that this modern-day Savonarola believes, or how little she knows, or how often she lies. This. This alone should be more than ample evidence that she is the least qualified person to ever consider running for President... and I'm thinking of Al Sharpton when I say that.
UPDATE: My mother asked if that was really Sarah Palin's hand. See for yourself.

P.S. In this same speech, she made fun of President Obama for using teleprompters.


Anonymous said...

Actually on her other hand it says "breathe in breathe out"
I hope Americans elect her just because it would so hilarious to watch from afar. Yes I realise the downside but the comedy gold would be worth the possible destruction of the world.

Mom said...

Did you check that out on Was that her hand?

Anonymous said...

Nope - I disagree with you. Al Sharpton is and will always be the least qualified person to ever consider running for President. But Palin is in the top five.

Across the board (Republican and Democrats) most of our elected officials at every level are really not that qualified. Look at some of our elected representatives resumes (both Repub/Dem) - there are to many with limited or no experience.

Election campaigns are about scare tactics, popularity and reading from teleprompters which is how people decided to vote. Very rarely do districts/states elect a person for being qualified and competent.

Based on all that - if Palin runs she may have a chance to win. If she hires the right people, keeps her base happy, and gets a ton of money - anything can happen.

Scary stuff.


Jungle Jil said...


I hate to argue the merits of Al Sharpton, but he can debate, make salient points, and develop original thoughts off the cuff. And he most certainly doesn't need palm notes to keep track of shit. You could argue that he would have been a poorer President than Palin based on what he might have done or decisions he might have made, but when it comes to the skills required to be President, I still nominate Sarah Palin.

kstanley said...

I made a comment at work about her possibly making it to be elected. I said that I would give up my citizenship if it happens.. My co worker then said "why? I think she is great, she talks very well and seems smart". He was being serious and really likes her. hmm, very scary indeed.

M said...

Sarah Palin...hmmm?

The fact that many Americans take her seriously casts serious doubt on the long term future of America.

Al Sharpton? He is actually a fairly eloquent man who managed to rise (a bit) out of the pulpit of his church.

At the moment, the American people are being held hostage by the inane bipartisan bickering of their elected representatives. It is a sad state of affairs,

my 2 bahts worth...
mataho in bkk