Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Daily Report: Sort Of

I'm breaking several of my blog rules with this post. First off, I'm blogging when I'm tired and rather distracted. (It's 1 a.m. and I'm waiting for a conference call at work.) Second, I'm going to do some foreshadowing of what I'll "get around to" later... which I try to avoid because it breaks up the rather consistent time line of the blog. (Now, a future daily report will be referring to (and including photos from) stuff that happened several days ago.

But I'm bored.

I've been busy lately... quite. Friday found us in CDO doing some late night shopping, picking up some Japanese food and Star Trek DVD's before heading home by taxi.

Saturday had us putting a field day on the house, getting repairs done, and generally getting caught up.

Sunday had the Merediths over for lunch on the rooftop, a rather entertaining day out at the pools, and an evening party back on the rooftop with Daddy Aldrin.

Monday was the first anniversary of the ELCI (Expats Ladies Charity) and a get-together with lots of the expatriate community as well as Mayor Jarula of CDO.

And now Tuesday, I've finally gotten back to a regular schedule only to have it preempted by this 1 a.m. conference call. (It's the maybe-twice-per-year downside to the Asian life / American job thing... the middle of the night here / middle of the day there all-hands meeting.)

Right... time to get interested in this meeting. Hopefully photos will be coming along soon.

(Update: Grrr... Bastards didn't even take attendance. I could have missed it and nobody would have known.)


Mom said...

I see it's 5:30 AM your time right now. (4:30 PM mine) So - I guess you're asleep. Glad the meeting wasn't a thought-provoking stress job about cutting staff or something. You'd have commented about that... Right?
Good summary of what's happening for slacktivist. I enjoyed reading it.

Jungle Jil said...

Oh yeah... it was just an account meeting, going over some recent quality issues and clarification of stuff of which I fully had figured out already.