Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Daily Report: More Guests

I had a workday very similar to the workday I had yesterday, but a better and more satisfactory version: I got to work, sat down, worked hard for 4 hours, and then was done. (I really can't do my job for more than 5 hours per day... it requires too much mental energy to stay focused for 6, 7, or 8 hours.)

After work, I had a nice early dinner of sweet and sour pork, made by Susan.

Epril and I went over to visit the new expatriate in town, Dave from Arizona, and his fianceƩ Jessa, at their seafront house down on the harbor. They moved to Jasaan 2 months ago.

However, Dave had gone to the market where he likes to spend his afternoons helping out at his in-laws' store, so we went there to see him and Jessa, and invited them over to the house in the evening for Cagayan Cocktail and pizza. (I also stopped by the butcher's and asked him if he would start selling steak. He said he would try.)

After that it was back to the house where I watched yet another episode of Star Trek that I had not seen before.

Then at 7:00, Dave and Jessa arrived, and we had a very pleasant couple of hours sitting in the rooftop garden chatting, drinking, and eating. After that, it was straight to bed and my book. I'm reading "Sarum" by Edward Rutherfurd... as good a book as you can hope to read, especially if you enjoy history.

Bonus varia: Tyson has fun with a fly.


Anonymous said...

Jil, What I find interesting on your blogs, Except once from your mother, I am the only one making a comment.

I find it hard to believe that every one of your blog readers agrees with my point of view and comments are redundant.

Mike Farrell
Cagayan de Oro

Jungle Jil said...

Well, I have about 50 regular readers, I think. None of them comment regularly, but they all comment from time to time.

Mom said...

Glad Tyson didn't break the window. Good video.
I'm sure you probably get more comments on your blog from time to time, but censure them...right?

Tom N said...

I read your blog every day (or, rather, every new post), but I don't always have a comment to make. :)

Jungle Jil said...

Mom, actually the asshole comments have dropped off a lot (though they were never more than one every 3 or 4 days) since adding the screening / approve-reject process. I still get about one rude comment every 3 or 4 weeks though... just to let me know they still love me.

I enjoy the comments, and sometimes I fish for them... but usually for a reason, such as asking for other opinions or input. Otherwise, if I want to feel like my blog is appreciated, I just check the number of visits that it gets per day to confirm that people are still reading.

But, if Mr. Farrell inveigles and cajoles other readers to start leaving more comments, I won't complain.

Anonymous said...

Hey I am one of your loyal fans. I look forward to reading your posts every week without fail. Sabrina from Australia