Saturday, February 20, 2010

40 Minutes, 40 Pictures, Harbor Walk, Part 1

Eventually I'll run out of places to walk. Goodness... I'm becoming a bit like Stan, aren't I? But putting up all of these pictures does remind me that I live in an issue of National Geographic Magazine.


Mom said...

Beautiful pictures!

Brunty said...

Jil great to see the new camera is getting plenty of use. That dog, if that is what you call it looked terrible. It looked as if Tyson wasn't sure about it either.

The large cross with Handumanan Sa Misyon, is that a Mission or something else.

The place reminds me a lot of rural Thailand a lot. It must be a bit of a change from where you were here in Thailand to the quiet country life.

Look forward to more pictures.

Jungle Jil said...

Hey there Brunty. The sign says "Memories of Mission", whatever that means. It's a small corner shrine, like a community spirit house in Thailand. You can find one on, oh... every 8th or 9th corner in Jasaan. There is one on the corner across the street from my house which is used often as a gathering place for community religious activities.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing this pictures. Recently discovered your blog and have been a regular follower ever since. Although I have lived in Southern California for almost four decades, I still consider my self a Jasaanon because that is my place of birth. I still own a property there and hope to retire there eventually. Happy to see my old and almost empty house in one of your pictures. Hope to drop by your Pizza place when I go back there in a couple of months.

Trieste said...

Wow....really nice photos.
Glad I got to see them.