Sunday, January 17, 2010

Daily Report: Microparade

I haven't made it into town yet to buy a new keyboard; I'm still using the one I borrowed from Mike Bird. Somebody must have spilled something that ants like on this keyboard at one time because now there is a small-but-steady progression of ants coming from outside to visit the keyboard.

I figure that ants must leave some kind of trail (scent, I assume) for their comrades to follow. So therefore, I wipe the trail clean with windex... but the ants keep finding their way back.

So, to amuse myself, I'm engaging in an experiment: I'm squishing the ants with my finger and then leaving their dead little carcasses on the trail across my desk that the live ants are taking. There are a 100 flattened and immobile little specks there already. I'm curious as to whether an ant has enough sense of danger and self-preservation that an entire vista filled with his dead friends is sufficient to turn him around. Since I assume that the number of ants is limitless, and the number of ants making it towards my keyboard is dwindling, it might actually be working.

Anyway, the rain has finally ended, and there is a nice blue sky with puffy clouds again.

I've been watching Star Trek: The Next Generation, Season 2 (recently purchased from my friend, Dave). I don't think you can call any television program "the best ever", but Star Trek TNG ranks up there in the top 10 in my opinion, and is my personal favorite. (That reminds me, I need to order MASH from Dave as well... another favorite.)


Anonymous said...

what do you think of the Shalacking that the DEMs took in Mass? I say Thank god!

Jungle Jil said...

It won't make a difference in the short run... or at least I'll be very surprised if it does. In the long run, the elections next November will be more important than this one special election.

Jungle Jil said...

Wow... it took 4 hours to prove that supposition wrong. I'm really surprised that after everything the Democrats had gone through with the Republicans being 100% anti-everything, that President Obama would see the election of Brown as yet another opportunity to engage in (unnecessary... probably the last unnecessary) bipartisanship, instead of (as I had expected) seeing it as a "last call" to push through healthcare reform before Brown's arrival in Washington.

Just remember though: In the long run I really suspect this election will have very little effect. The resume of Senator-Elect Brown only includes some nude photos and having beaten the most tone-deaf and inept candidate to ever stand for national office in the State of Massachusetts... and a big "R" next to his name. Being from the most liberal state in America, you know very well that Brown is going to be right up there with Olympia Snowe in being a left-of-center RINO in the Senate... assuming Senator Brown wants to keep his Senate seat for more than a fraction of a term. After all, that special election in Massachusetts was most certainly not an indication that everybody in The Bay State suddenly has embraced the Republican worldview.