Monday, October 26, 2009

Daily Report: Who Me?

I had a phone interview with the New York Times this morning. No, really.

Epril got me started on this Facebook game called Farmville. Not one to do anything at any speed less than full bore, and any effort less than full-assed, I studied the game and its mathematics, and determined the best way to get to the highest level as quickly as possible. I figured that I could reach my (arbitrary) goal within 4 weeks; I just needed to log on every 4-5 hours (yes... even at night) and do some game maintenance. So, I got started. Now I'm about halfway there.

(Epril helps me out with the game maintenance... as she generally goes to sleep later than I do. I help Epril out by doing game maintenance for her when she is out during the day. It's too involved to discuss in this post.)

I was looking at a blog on Farmville, and the blog owner had posted their own idea about the best way to "level up" in the game. I posted a comment outlining my own plan, and how great it was. People were generally impressed and/or amazed that somebody would be that dedicated to a silly little game.

Anyway, a New York Times reporter who is writing a story on the phenomenon that is Farmville (with 16 million users, or something outlandish like that), read my comment, and decided that I would be a great example of a "Farmville Fanatic", and he got in touch with me. We chatted by phone for about 15 minutes about the game. As of now, that's that.

Other than that, my day was completely empty of anything other than work / sitting at the computer. Work sucked, by the way. Just one of those days. The pizza stand concurrently had it's worst day ever, selling half of the previous worst day's record. But, a friend from Cagayan De Oro stopped by on his way to the north of the island to pick up some pizza, which was nice. The Filipino version of "Christmas Break" started this week, and all of the students are out of school for about 3 weeks. I think that that had a lot to do with the decrease in sales; we are probably in for a slow period.


Anonymous said...

Hi Jil,

I don't have your email adres, but here our pride (of the moment):


Kyle Stanley said...

Hi Jil.. me and my wife are "Farmville Fanatics" also now.. we started about 5 days ago and are on level 20. It is such a craze,, all my classmates from high school, my mom, and my cousins who I have not seen sence I was about 5 are playing. If you need a neighbor you can add me. I am trying to get the 50 neighbors..

Anonymous said...

Wait a sec, you're on facebook? Cool!


Anonymous said...

Hello Jil,

I just wanting to say this. Dont listen to that negative person on other post and stay positive about ypur pizza business. I mean to me it is logical it was slowing down a bit because the newness factor is wearing off (Im sure youve noticed how people swarm new things), the school is out (your price point is great to get student patronage) and being end of month income is short on the salary earners as well as the remitance recievers. I have honestly enjoyed reading about Jungle Jils pizza shack and do hope you will continue to post on its progress. BTW, I like your mobile pizza idea as it can go to the crowds and if you made it a trailor it could hit up town fiestas as well. I think and hope you will do well in your pizza venture and do hope you will keep us blog readers informed on the progress.