Sunday, September 20, 2009

Update On The Randy Stirm Boat Situation VIII

Another story by Jigger and Herbie today in the Gold Star Daily. This story covers the testimony by 2 witnesses who talked about the incident. I can't surmise exactly what impact the witnesses have on the actual case; it seems to just corroborate that Randy's boat was boarded by the Navy and a fisheries officer, was ordered impounded, and was towed. In addition, it basically gives direct quotes to what happened when the Navy chased Randy's boat after it left the pier.

One thing I did find new was that the crew of Randy's boat claimed to have gotten permission (from who, the story does not say) to leave the dock for open waters, which led to the now-famous YouTube chase between Randy's boat and the Navy vessel.

Perhaps Randy will leave a comment explaining the significance of the quotes in this story. I've obviously missed them based on the context and content.


CDO Blog said...

Hello All,

We had clearance from the head of Agricultural of Gingoog that we could leave and head to Lunao which is 2Km from Gingoog pier. The main think now its been 6 weeks and no charges. Because they know we were
not in Gingoog Municipal waters.

I will share more later this week.

Anonymous said...

what ever became of this story? 9/22/09 was a long time ago. The youtube video has been pulled. I'd really like to know what the end result was since I am considering going into business in the Philippines with my wife.

Jil Wrinkle said...

Nothing happened. Everything went quiet. Randy lost... or at least it will be many years before Randy has an opportunity to win.

That's the way things work in The Philippines. If you want to fight something in the courts (as Randy does), it takes years for things to get done... and even then the game is rigged for delays and obstructions.

That is why everybody settles things out of court. Randy was offered to settle out of court, but he turned that offer down.