Sunday, September 27, 2009

Daily Report: Happy Anniversary Baby

We were all up nice and early today. I was, as per usual, up to get to work.

Susan and Epril were up early because we were having the dirt in front of our house along the road sodded with grass today. They rode out with Ron (who kindly supplied us with a ride) to the place that sells the grass turves to pick up about 2,000 pounds of 8 x 8 inch squares of Bermuda grass... only 2.5 pisos each, installed.

The grass is now down, and well... lets just hope that it "grows into the part" because right now it looks a bit like a lumpy checkerboard. (I recommended that somebody get one of those big rolling drums to flatten everything out, but people just looked at me funny. Obviously they've never heard of such a thing.)

It was Epril's and my first anniversary today. We decided to have a party to celebrate the occasion, which was held at the swimming pool of Basamanggas Resort, where we were married. Epril bought me a nice shirt for as a gift. My anniversary present to Epril (and myself) — a new camera — unfortunately was delayed in its arrival from America. (Mike Bird was supposed to be back from Ohio before our anniversary, but his mother's health problems delayed his departure/arrival by more than a week... perfectly understandable. He'll be here next weekend.)

Anyway, we had (as usual) tons of food including the standard sacrificial swine. Everybody ate and swam and sang karaoke. I'd say about 25 friends stopped by throughout the day to wish us well and have a bite to eat. We had a lot left over! That's a first for a party that I've put on.

Anyway, we've got photos.

Purple for both of us.
I like this photo: Everybody is so excited.
People stopped by, congratulated Epril and me, ate, had a swim, and then went on their way.


Mom said...

Happy Anniversary, Jil and Epril. Glad you had some pictures - even tho your camera hasn't arrived from the United States yet.
Good talking with you by phone.

Anonymous said...

hi jil,
i dont know how to contact you so i ask you here:
where did you get your doberman from? i am also interested in getting a doberman or a rottweiler.

how is your experience with restaurants here? can you bring a dog to a restaurant or let's say to a bar like spooks on friday?
can you bring a dog to the supermarket or to the mall?


Jil Wrinkle said...

Hi Fred,

I got my doberman from the guy that owns Kingston Lodge. He's actually only three-quarters doberman. Keep an ear out or ask locals if anybody has a pregnant doberman. They'll direct you to somebody eventually.

I don't take Tyson into places here in Jasaan because everyone is scared of him... even if they let me. Apparently everybody thinks he must have rabies. It seems people are ignorant about that kind of thing.

Mike said...

Hi Jil Just wanted to wish You and Epril a happy first Anniversary and many...

Anonymous said...

Congrats I hope you guys have another 50 or so happy ones atleast! from Jakal

sabrina said...

Congrats to the both of you on your 1st wedding anniversary. Hope there are many more great years ahead for the both of you.

Unknown said...

Congrats for you and Epril Jil, Happy anniversary again to you and Epril. wish i can celebrate more wedding anniversary with you year after year. my best wishes for you both!!!