Wednesday, September 16, 2009

A Bit Of The Philippines, A Bit Of Technology

This video below works for me on 2 levels: First, it really captures The Philippines perfectly on so many levels: The people, the culture, the atmosphere. Second, every frame of this video was shot on the new Canon 7D, a $1,900 SLR camera, and put together with standard video editing software, meaning that (with a little bit of effort) pretty much anybody's home movies can look like this now.


In the interest of full disclosure, the people filming did use several different lenses on the camera, a manual boom system, and external microphones for the interview audio. So, it wasn't just the Canon 7D camera being used to make this film.


ron said...

Nice video, but it is a little abstract for me. Maybe you can explain what is White, white and only white about the philippine people, the culture and the atmosphere?

For sure the filippinoos themselves, see themselves, their culture and their atmosphere as colourfull (even though they want to be white) so what made you have this kind of view?

Or is it just that something went wrong with placing the video on the blog?


Jil Wrinkle said...

Hmm... Ron, I think that you are having problems viewing the video. The video is of a Filipino carnival. The video seems to be (still) working fine for me.

Jil Wrinkle said...

Try this original source if you are having trouble seeing the video: