Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Daily Report: Ladies Lunch

I'm getting a little nervous about the rain lately, with my birthday coming up. Normally around here it always rains usually right at, or just after sundown... usually for about 30 to 45 minutes. Lately though it's been raining at all different times of the day, which means that it might rain during my birthday party. Well, it still only rains for about 30 or 45 minutes... but it sure is cold when it does.

Epril invited her friends (mostly members of the Expatriates' Ladies Charity) out to the house today for lunch. They were given a ride by my friend Mike Farrell (one of the most seasoned expatriates in the State of Misamis Oriental), and the ladies were also accompanied by an old expatriate acquaintance of mine, a fellow named Oliver. I got to work really early and then took the afternoon off from work and chatted with the guys and everybody ate a bunch.

After that, the girls drove off to see where my birthday party is going to be. (They all seem to be more excited about the party than I am.) Mike, Oliver, and myself sat on the front porch and talked about Jasaan being a nice place to live, and about marriage in The Philippines.

Tyson kept us all company. His new teeth are coming in and he has to be hurting. His behavior is definitely improving though, and he is learning things like "sit" and "get down" and "shake".


Anonymous said...

Very pretty ladies. The one in the blue spaghetti strap blouse, printed tank top, and orange/blue stripe top are cute....you are a lucky man, Jil!!! :-)

C T Dunn said...


Would you please identify the Rxpats ladies. I know Epril is second from the left.

Nancy has met some of these ladies and some post on the Expats Yahoo group. I'd like to put a face to the name.

I'd also like it of Epril would get to know Nancy. Nancy was invited to join the Expats ladies group, I encouraged her, she stated she was too shy.

I can give you her contact information. Just email me at ctdunn@door.net

CT Dunn
Lubbock, Texas, USA