Friday, February 13, 2009

Where Are You Getting Your Information?

It's common sense really: If you want an opinion about an illness, you would ask a doctor right? Well, for an opinion about the economic recovery plan, who are television journalists asking?

If you guessed "economists", boy oh boy would you be wrong.
A Media Matters study of Sunday talk shows and 12 cable news programs from January 25 through February 8 found that few economists have been given time on television to talk about the economic recovery plan. During 139½ hours of programming in which the economic recovery legislation was discussed, economists made 25 guest appearances out of a total of 460 — only 5 percent.
It's not about education anymore with cable news. It's about entertainment and conflict. Where is the fun in getting economists to come on and explain things to people and give them a better understanding? Instead, get Republicans on to complain about STD programs and "pork" and get people all riled up. Go Liberal Media. Woo.

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TheMindFantastic said...

But then the idea of debate itself is lowered to its lowest common denominator used to be if you debated someone you presented an argument with rationality and thought, someone countered that argument with rationality and thought, until someone 'won' said argument based on rational logic. Now its "can I scream louder than them" and "don't act rational at all", and "don't let you opponent to act rational either because they might comment your acting like a 5 year old". If you can lapse into glossolalia all the better! It seems to make the ratings go up though, watching people in suits and ties go all american gladiators in verbal mud wrestling seems to please the average viewer, while the economy goes further into the crapper, but hey least you got the ratings!

If I were an economist and asked to try and put forth my ideas against their 'pundits' (how they ever got regarded as such I have no idea), I would ask to discuss it over lunch (which they pay for) and when I had made sure I had a good fill of expensive food and drink, I would tell them to piss off. A good economist knows that the best way to save your own money is not to spend your own money. Spend other peoples.