Thursday, February 19, 2009

Daily Report: Getting There

Wednesday was a little better in terms of my illness: Only hitting the jakesevery 2 hours now. Other than that, it was a pretty uneventful day. The furniture guy wants 37,000 for the furniture. The nice thing is that Epril and I will own a bed now, and a couch and other furniture. In Thailand, almost all the places for rent or for sale are furnished. Not so in The Philippines.

Today, out in Jasaan, the internet guys arrived to do their installation. I wasn't there, but Epril surprised me by sending me a text message saying "they're here" and then 5 minutes later saying, "they're gone." During that time, they slapped the antenna system on the outside of my office wall, ran a wire through the window, and plugged the network cable into the back of Epril's computer. That was it.

Now, all that is left is the satellite television installation, getting the hot water heaters installed, getting the new furniture finished, buying a couple more bits and pieces (TV stand for the TV room, a few lamps, some potted plants), and then moving everything from the old house to the new. I expect the small stuff to be moved this weekend, and the big stuff to be moved next weekend... March 1st. I know you're all excited to see what the place looks like. I'll get pictures put up once everything is in place.

I'm waiting to get my motorcycle back from this fellow, Jun. I dropped it off a couple of weeks ago. We gave up on trying to get the two Xenon headlights to stop draining the battery all the time... and they didn't work that well anyway because the headlight bezel didn't reflect the light properly. So, I'm going back to the two halogen headlights, plus adding two more down near the front forks. The parts for the rear disc brakes took 2 weeks to locate, which was the main holdup, but the bike should be done soon... hopefully. Also, there are these two "vents" on either side of the bike, up near the front, pointing backwards. I'm going to put some red lights inside those and hook them up to the turn signals. We'll see how that works. At least I won't have to take another jeepney to Jasaan. I hate those things.

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