Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Are you smarter than some U.S. Congressmen? Take the test!

Okay: Imagine that Guantanamo prison has been closed and the terrorists are "coming to America." Now that you have that firmly in mind, I want you to picture what would happen to those terrorists then. Do you have any ideas? Do any of them involve the mastermind of 9-11 becoming a U.S. Citizen, moving into your neighborhood, and dating your sister? No? That's because you're an intelligent person, unlike...

"Let's just say that, that, Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, the mastermind of 9/11, is brought to the United States to be tried in a federal court in the United States, under a federal judge, and we know what some of those judges do, and on a technicality, such as, let's just say he wasn't read his Miranda rights. He is released into the streets of America. Walks over and steps up into a US embassy and applies for asylum for fear that he can't go back home cause he spilled the beans on al Qaeda. What happens then if another judge grants him asylum in the United States and Khalid Sheikh Mohammed is on a path to citizenship."

— Congressman Steve King (R-Iowa)

(This is one of the guys some of you are trusting to make the right decisions on what is best to rescue the American economy? Think about that.)

Well, I for one welcome Congressman King's "KSM In KC Mo." scenario. The guy who masterminded the plan which killed thousands of Americans: Where do I want him? In the Colorado Supermax, where he'll only see sunlight for 30 minutes out of every day for the rest of his life, or living down the street from Joe-The-Flag-Waving-Plumber and his collection of hefty pipe wrenches? Hmm... tough choice.

Seriously: I thought that it was unchecked power and being a member of the dominant party in Washington that made Republicans say stupid things like this. I thought that being a full-blown everywhere-you-look minority would have brought them to the "joke is over" point of sobriety. It's been proven that Congressmen say stupid stuff, but it never occurred to me that somebody of the importance and stature of an American Congressman might actually believe the stupid things he is saying. It's distinctly possible that I was wrong. Congressmen do and say stupid things (see Congressman Massa below) all the time, but I have an... I had an unswerving belief that they either knew, or realized or recognized soon thereafter, the "oops factor" of what they had said or done.

Anyway, Jon Stewart has his standard high-quality bitch slap for the hysterics, as shown below.

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