Monday, November 10, 2008

Daily Report: Through The Hours

I've been getting up early once again, with Epril's help. I've never met someone as bubbly and energetic in the morning as my wife. She pokes my nose and pulls my mustache and pries my eyelids open, giggling and laughing the whole time, until I finally get out of bed. She sets the alarm on her Nokia to blast really annoying music as an additional aid, and holds it to my ear. Her current otalgic choice is that rakish roundelay, Macarena. (Last month was Eye of the Tiger.)

I had a fair morning of work. I put in the requisite number of hours, but spent most of my time with my attention divided. Days are like that sometime: I can work, but just don't have the discipline to give it my full attention; the desire to make quick visits to Internet Explorer to read about something frivolous, or write a personal e-mail is too great.

Meanwhile, downstairs, Epril, Susan and Ednil watched silly Filipino game shows and laughed. Combined, they have the most annoying laugh: It's similar to the sound of a newspaper wiping Windex off the living room window. Squeak! Squeak! Sqweeeeek! Swk-swk-swk-swk! Squeak!

In the evening, Epril and I watched "The Baby Human" on The Discovery Channel. I really can't think of any behavioral science that I find more fascinating than studying infants and toddlers. The clinical studies that these scientists do, and the empirical findings that they make, and how much they have learned about what babies think, learn, understand, and process just impresses me immensely.

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