Saturday, November 22, 2008

Daily Report: Shopping

Today was simply a fine day.

I was up early, had a good morning of surfing and blogging. Then I had did a fair bit of work.

Please welcome photos back to
Jungle Jil Blog after a 4-month
absence. Our new camera's first
photo: Epril and the bright red
Christmas Tree at SM City Mall.
After that, it was out to SM Mall for lunch at Bibgys. Epril had the pork chop platter, and I had the cannelloni. Then, we went to the electronics store and bought a new camera. Just a bottom-end Sony this time for 8,000 pisos. Epril also bought some puzzle books at National Bookstore.

Then, I had a good afternoon of work.

Tonight, Epril and I were going to go see the new James Bond movie. We left to see the movie after checking the starting time on the website, but unfortunately by the time we got there, the movie had already started 20 minutes earlier.

So, instead we went grocery shopping. I had been told by Andy and Chris earlier that the ATM outside of Banco De Oro at SM mall would hand out up to 25,000 pisos at a pop, but that was not the case: It only gives out 10,000 pisos ($200) at a time, which is the standard for ATMs here. It looks like the best bet is still Citibank with its maximum of 15,000 pisos.

After shopping, it was back home where Epril and I ate munchies, drank Cagayan Punch, and watched "National Treasure 2" on BluRay.

By the way, my best friend Stan has been having a great time with his blog. He's really started blogging in earnest, with lots of photos. He and Jeff and the ladies have continued on with the Friday Night Dining Out tradition without me, and are always finding new and amazing restaurants in Pattaya. And, Stan is always out and about in Pattaya with his camera, taking photos. He doesn't blog about Pattaya news like I used to, but all and all it is fast becoming a great Pattaya blog. I highly recommend a visit.

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