Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Daily Report: Moving Targets

It wasn't a very good morning of work. I don't know why. I just didn't work very hard, and work was kind of slow on top of that.

For lunch, Epril and I met up with the usual suspects (Andy and Cynthia, Chris and Rhea, and Harry and Bebs) for lunch at The Mulberry Hotel. (We were going to go to Town Restaurant, but the destination was changed at the last minute.) I had their "From Russia With Love" salad for 100 pisos ($2) which was basically a Waldorf Salad to which carrots, potatoes, and bits of cheese had also been added, and hotdog relish mixed into the mayonaise. It was outstanding... and quite large for the price.

The afternoon wasn't much better for work. Same excuse as in the morning. I've had some new accounts added to the list of work that I do, which basically cuts the number of times I will run out of work by about 90%. So, it seems that problem has been averted. I still don't have overtime though, which is the main killer to my financial happiness: I lost over $25,000 per year when I lost my overtime.

In the evening, Epril and I were going to go out to watch the new James Bond movie. (We missed it last Saturday when I used the internet to determine that the movie started at 8:30, when it actually started at 8:00.) So, tonight when we got to the theater, the movie wasn't playing at all. Instead they were previewing some other movie... just for one night.

Apparently God has determined that "Quantum of Solace" shall not be seen by my eyes or something.

Instead, Epril and I went back home and watched "Spiderman 3" on BluRay. (I bought the 3-movie set, that's why I own that clunker.)

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Issarat said...

The James Bond movie is good but the first one is better.